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Asymptomatic complete heart block in labor: A case report of none response to atropine therapy


Introduction: A complete heart block is a cardiac electrical conduction disorder with a very rare occurrence in pregnancy, which may be asymptomatic. There are no specific guidelines for the management of asymptomatic complete heart block in labor, vaginal delivery, and cesarean with only a few reports of cesarean management of patients with complete heart block.
Case report: A 30-year-old woman, Gravida 4, abortion 3, gestational age of 41 weeks without any specific problems, was referred to our maternity hospital. The pulse rate and blood pressure were 68 and 60/110, respectively. Labor was induced with oxytocin and, after three hours, was discontinued due to late decelerations of fetal heart rate. Electrocardiography confirmed a maternal pulse rate of 42. Cardiac consultation led to the diagnosis of a complete heart block. Due to the frequent late decelerations of fetal heart rate and no response to atropine therapy, the patient was a candidate for a cesarean. Before cesarean, the pacemaker was installed. Cesarean was performed with general anesthesia, and the infant was delivered in good condition. In Postpartum, the pacemaker was removed (PR = 55, BP = 125/80), and the mother was discharged the next day. Due to the lack of specific guidelines, fetal indication for an emergency cesarean, mother poor obstetrics history, and none response to atropine therapy, we chose to incorporate pacemakers and remove it after cesarean safely.
Conclusion: Vital signs assessment during pregnancy and childbirth is recommended to detect cases of complete heart block and provide optimal care.

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