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Development and psychometric evaluation of the gender attitudes of nursing students towards the nursing profession scale


Background & Aim: The fact that the nursing profession is seen as a female profession deepens gender discrimination in the nursing profession. This research aimed to develop a valid and reliable measurement tool to determine the gender attitudes of nursing students towards the nursing profession and study the psychometric properties thereof.
Methods & Materials: The study is methodological research. The research was conducted with 238 nursing students at a public university in Türkiye.
Results: Exploratory factor analysis reduced the total number of items from 41 to 10. 10 items categorized under three factors were determined to explain 57.11% of the total variance. The total Cronbach Alpha value of the scale is .62. The scale consists of 3 factors entitled “Male Gender Role”, “Professional Stereotypes,” and “Gender Discrimination”, which further include a total of 10 items.
Conclusion: The scale is a valid and reliable measurement tool that can be used to determine the gender attitudes of nursing students toward the nursing profession


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nursing students; gender; attitude; validity; reliability

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